Material samples or swatch display folder

Sample Display Folder for product samples/swatches

The sample display folder shown here was made for Franklyn awnings and blinds. Used by sales representatives in the field or in showrooms they need to be practical, functional and attractive in order to best display your sample swatches to your potential customers.

We can make swatch holders for carpet, synthetic grass, upholstery, linoleum, tarp or any other type of fabric. No matter what sort of material you want to display we can help you design something that functional and practical for your sales representatives to store and transport. We can also help you design a sample display folder that looks fantastic!

  • Polypropylene available in various thicknesses in 14 colours
  • PVC Folders in your choice of 28 colours
  • We may also be able to use one of your fabrics/materials to make the folder
  • Foil Stamping in gold or silver with option to deboss
  • CMYK Digital Print
  • Single or multiple colour screen print
Material/Fabric/Swatch/Samples display folder